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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wren, not the bird

The first time I remember being completely surprised and blown away by a movie was the early 1980's. I carried around the images in my head, wondered about  the dialogue and almost got on a bus for New York City to emulate the main character. Already well considering my self proclaimed "Film Maven" status, this film confounded me. I then sought out other weird, unconventional styles of film making with rabid fervor. 

Its usually my 'test' film, whenever someone says they are a movie buff I have several questions, usually one of them is about this movie. 

"Smithereens" (1982, Susan Seidleman dir.) - The character of Wren (Susan Berman) represents a female generation. Still lost under the failure of the ERA, the late seventies and early eighties were a questioning period. We, as young women, had no direction, no social pull. Floating somewhere between old fashioned notions of what was expected of a girl and new ideals of having it all. Forceful, full of her self and determined, this main character focused film is a revolution in itself. Wren is at the edge of being unlikeable, yet, she speaks and behaves with the attitude of a punk self awareness and edgy hope that must be admired.

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