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Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Stars

Ms. Jayne Mansfield was famous for being famous. Never really a movie star, she managed to hone a career from a few small but excellent performances and numerous appearances (and a few notable scandals). Now in the earliest days of the 21st century that legacy continues. Non celebrity celebrities turn up everywhere.

Feeling very much out of the times, the question is "WHY?" Even in Jayne's era, the scandals made her interesting, but there was a layer of talent and an 'it' factor to build upon. It was only after Marilyn, Ingrid, Liz and many other celebrities came into the public focus as hard working talented actors that any interest lie in their human Faux pas. A shudder at the idea of false celebrity and scandal for its own sake.

A tribute to real movie stars with scandals, romantic entanglements and shocking secrets: 

Katharine Hepburn 

"Bringing Up Baby" (1938) - Delightful subtle funny Cary Grant is chased relentlessly by the campy stumbling Katharine Hepburn. Their easy grace in the slapstick scenes are movie star / professional actor events that should not be missed.

 Ingrid Bergman 

"Notorious" (1946) - There is no connection (?) between appearing in a film with Cary Grant and real life scandals.......Notorious is a typically RIVETING Alfred Hitchcock film, you seriously can not take your eyes off the screen. Ingrid is beautiful, strong, intelligent and brave while at the same time being delicate, fearful and uncertain at every turn. 

Sophia Loren 
With only minor blips of rumors Ms. Loren lives free of shocking details, yet, appears in scandal based films. 

"A Breath of A Scandal" (1960) - Many famous scandals ruining careers or forcing the political / royal resignations are based not on the acts themselves but the public knowledge. Plenty of acts are known among the 'group' but once it is out to the public the persons of fame or power must be punished. Ms. Loren plays out this reality with a certain style and tilt of the chin. Rumors, hints and jealousy.

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