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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weird but Wonderful

There are certainly standards in Hollywood culture that 'hidden curriculum', if you will, claiming women should have certain elements to be successful. Yet, we must not forget that this culture also allows for the odd, the weird, the nonconformists. Independence and confidence offers a strong woman a different place in the top tiers. 

Here we salute the weird and wonderful careers of 3 working actresses. 

Helena Bonham Carter carries on a vivid career and maintains her style regardless of the critical view of the narrow minded drones. 

"Big Fish" (2003) - delightful twisted story filled with fantasy and sweeping vistas. Beautifully filmed. 

Tilda Swinton fits perfectly in every character she has chosen. Like Emma Thompson, Swinton can be any type of woman in any time period. She can even be a very convincing man. Her look & her swagger give off the delicate confidence that makes her likable. 
 "Broken Flowers" (2005) -  Oh How I LOVE any chance to talk about a Jim Jarmusch film- While one of several terrific characters, Swinton stands out. She is always, no matter how ordinarily the character, an oddly spoken, sincerely diverse individualist form.

Christina Ricci, child star with quirky roles- unfortunately did the Hollywood turn by loosing too much weight. Her choice of roles however, stays odd and interesting. 

"Black Snake Moan" (2006) - While the adverts hinted at a inappropriate relationship between the over sexualized young beauty and the elder black man in a southern location, giving the film a larger titillation factor than it really is..........the film turns into amazing story telling as the blues music mixes with the revelations of a friendship change both lives. 

Non-traditional beauties with a variation of film roles keeping these 3 actors in amazing careers. Their differences is what keeps them interesting, eclectic and formidable. 

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