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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Happy Birthday Wish for Dana Owens!

For some reason film makers keep attaching Queen Latifah with oddly placed white guys like Steve Martin and Jimmy Fallon. Its unclear if they think she can carry them to a new level of their careers or if Hollywood just doesn't know what to do with her as a power house woman. While her ensemble pieces show some of her best work,  starring roles prove her likability and ability to carry a film. 
 "Set it Off" (1996) - One of the best female action pictures, Queen Latifah shows how easily she plays a scene and her generosity towards acting in a group setting. 

"Hairspray" (2007) - While a remake of this film couldn't possibly be better than the original (oh, Thank you John Waters!), Queen L stands out superbly as Motor Mouth Maybelle (Ruth Brown held the role in the 1988 film). First of all she looked amazing, Plus a great choice to sing those songs! 

"Mad Money" (2008) - Not a top film, very cheesy over done plot - its more like everyone really wanted a paycheck that month than looking to make a humorous or interesting picture. Great actresses with a silted script and choppy direction.

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