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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Art of Crazy

Deep dark thoughts penetrate the brain and bring raw emotions to ebb and flow at the surface in awkward stages. Nervous energy, obsessive patterns, and the inability to move through the world with a natural pace. Characters of this nature are a gold mine to the actress. The ability to pull forth endless emotional depth, becoming much more than the usual backboard for male focused films or a decorated piece of staging. 

"Gaslight" (1944) -  What is wrong with Paula? A delicate disposition or an over active imagination? Its wonderful to find out, a little bit spooky, a little bit amusing, a lot twisting plot. 

"The Snake Pit" (1948) - At the arch of a fabulous career Olivia De Havilland portrays an unfortunate woman with no memory of how she came to live on ward Five.

"Three Faces of Eve" (1957) - Sort of a cheesy titillation film gives Joane Woodward a chance to exhibit some solid acting moments. Despite the over the top dialogue, Woodward establishes each face as an individual entity.

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