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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bountiful Curves

          Hollywood myth would have it that women must must (must) starve, exercise and 'control' (themselves) their weight with drugs, tricks and surgeries. Come on ladies let us laugh in the face of those who don't get it, won't ever get it and don't deserve it!! IT is the lusciousness of shapely WOMEN. Not too thick, not too thin, not too hot and never too cold but just right. Don't buy into it. The desire for real women of body, mind and spirit is out there.

Abrasive and shocking, Mo'Nique keeps pushing forward to find her niche.She has conquered Radio, Television and film.

"Phat Girlz" (2006) - Fun woman fronted comedy - low budget but meaningful. Mo'Nique is showcased to enhance her funny, powerful womaness.  

OH how scary she is is "Misery" and "Deloris Claiborne" - still a little creepy even after all these years. Another amazing, amazing actress Ms. Kathy Bates is captivating in a true sense of acting with an "it"  factor that means you can't take your eyes off her if she is a scene. Yes, even "Water Boy". 

"Love Liza" (2002) - Sad, hard to watch, as Phillip Seymour Hoffman suffers through the loss of his wife with confusion and denial. Kathy Bates still manages to control her scenes by the sheer force of her personality. With eyes that tell everything you need to know. 

Scarlett Johansson has great potential to be the MOVIE STAR. An actress who can move easily from glamour to home town girl. Her film choices have created for her a distinctive variance in characterizations and display her ever growing talent.

"A Love Song for Bobby Long" (2004) - Surprisingly well crafted vehicle that might be considered a John Travolta film. Yet, its obvious this piece, developed from the Ronald Everett Capps novel 'Off Magazine Street', is Scarlett's from the moment you first see her on screen. The male characters circle around her in various stages of curiosity, fear and love. All the actors build upon each others characters to develop an easy, dramatic work. 
p.s. Wonderful scenery of New Orleans before Katrina.

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