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Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Diane!

Today, 3.14 is not only PI day (yes, you should have some PIE to celebrate) but also the birthday of Diane Arbus. An adventurous life and tragic suicide at the age of 48, she left us a look at people that no one else could master. 
  What does this have to do with film you might ask? Oh, don't you love it when things come in full circles? Arbus can be celebrated as an interesting and artistic woman (yay! March!) but is surrounded by acting exploits. Her husband Allan Arbus, most remembered for his turn as Dr. Sydney Freedman on the tv show MASH, was an accomplished actor who starred in Robert Downey Sr's film "Greaser's Palace" (1972). 
"Fur"(2006) - The lithe wispy vision of Nicole Kidman brings the imaginary characterization of Diane Arbus to a ghostly level. The film is fun yet mysterious. Robert Downey jr. plays a new resident of the apartment building who captures the young housewife's sense of empathy and adventure.
"Master's of Photography: Diane Arbus" (1972) - A short film with Doon Arbus (Diane's daughter) not long after her mother's death. According to various sources Doon keeps a very tight control over the estate, including Diane's work and letters. This short is available online- a really interesting exploration.
 Amy and Doon Arbus 

Photos by Diane Arbus 

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