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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If she's in it, I'll Watch it

There are very few actors moving from genre to genre, from Indie to mainstream or Film to Television, who create a following. Personally its usually directors that pull me in - but exceptions have to be made for these 3 actors. If she's in it, the film really should be viewed. 

The casting directors of the now gone, "As the World Turns" had an eye for talent. Marisa Tomei, Meg Ryan, Lauryn Hill and Parker Posey to name a few.
"Henry Fool" (1997) - Quirky and cute, Parker carries this film like many of her roles as off the cuff. Appearing to breeze through the scenes you can't stop watching her. 

In 1975 a short lived sitcom "Hot L Baltimore" brought out the bright light of many terrific actors. Chonchata Ferrell sat on a stool quipping wisely to her friends and the occasional passersby in an unforgettable performance.Today as the smart ass housekeeper on a well known sitcom, Ferrell continues to steal her scenes out from under the 'stars'. 

"Mystic Pizza" ( 1988) - Another vehicle that launched numerous actors to front and center. Vincent D'Onofrio, Julia Roberts, Anabeth Gish and Lili Taylor romped around in small town angst. The wise, loving and funny Farrell's character provided the group with a sense of belonging. Not a great film, but it has its moments and is perfect for mindless rainy day film watching. 

Like Ms. Posey, our next actress is an Indie film favorite.  Lili Taylor played in such cult favorites as "Short Cuts", "Pret a Porte",(oh that wonderful Robert Altman), "Four Rooms" (if you haven't seen this, definitely watch it- for the true film buff- watch it alone!) and "Pecker"(thank you again John Waters). 

"I Shot Andy Warhol" (1996) - A Valerie Jean Solanas, Taylor is larger than life, dramatic with out being a caricature . She smoothly shows the break down of a woman with purposeful intentions and avoided creating a parody. While her methods resulted in condemnation Salonas was attempting to create a vision and become a part of a generational wisdom. Mental illness turned her ideas into rants, but many should at least empathize with the voice in her work.

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