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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Month of Women's History

March is a perfect month to celebrate women. Its variety of weather, peeking at the warmth and freshness of the oncoming spring brings feelings of hope and begins to shed us of our gloom and boredom of the winter months. Visit the Library of Congress pages for insight on Women in History;

To start the celebration - lets get giddy!! 

Ms.Thelma Todd stars in a wonderful set of films including a series of shorts with Zasu Pitts. The attempt to create a female comedic team did fairly well, even with the replacement of Zasu with Patsy Kelly. Beautiful, intelligent and a sense of timing served Thelma well as she developed into a terrific comedic actress. 

"Monkey Business" (1931) - While a great showcase for the Marx Brothers (the first film not based on their vaudeville act) - In many ways Thelma Todd's stoic but comic timing steals the movie. Groucho appears terribly frantic next to her smooth timing. Over all a great film, with good dialogue and intelligent comic moments lapped over the silly slapstick. 


Ms. Jane Russell passed away yesterday at the age of 89. While mostly remembered as a pin up with a gorgeous body, Ms. Russell had a remarkable career as an actor. "The Outlaw" shows off her swagger and style but its a silly short sighted film. Several other works have her sidekick to some of the greatest leading men of the time, but its only a women of solid skills that can take scenes from Clark Gable and Robert Ryan and make them her own. 

"The Tall men" (1955) - Clark Gable is not his most amazing as a cowboy, but he is still Clark okay picture.

"Paleface" (1948) - Jane Russell and Bob Hope make a good team here.

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