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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An actor is something less than a man, while an actress is something more than a woman. Richard Burton .

Its almost impossible to just talk film when reflecting on the life and work of Elizabeth Taylor. One of the very first mega stars followed in a crazy frenzy by reporters, Elizabeth both resented and used the invasion. The affairs, the scandals, the raucous love and especially her relationship with Richard Burton kept us following La Liz.  However, Hollywood Queen is only one of her interesting attributes.

One of her fascinating features was her ability to develop long term friendships. Mostly with men, these friendships were based on loyalty, humor, shared experiences and privacy. In this area the public is granted only small tokens. For the most part her relationships with friends, other than the occasional red carpet appearances, were kept quiet and personal. Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, Michael Jackson and Roddy McDowall, to name a few, show up here and there through out her public life , keeping the base relationship behind the scenes. These friends maintained a silent steady vigil, as did Elizabeth, about their alliance. She had the gift for choosing people close to her who kept her secrets as she kept theirs. 

 As one of the last remaining icons of an era long past, Elizabeth Taylor represents the legacy of Hollywood and the aura of a true movie star. Her life, work, romances and friendships will continue to draw us in and intrigue the public forever. 

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