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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Triple Threat or the Hat Trick

A triple noted tribute to women authors, books to film and character actresses who bring the delightful Miss Jane Marple to life. Writing an astonishing 80 mysteries in addition to several plays and short stories, Ms. Agatha Christie can't be topped for creating the twisted ending that make sense! 
 8 actresses have filled the role of Miss Jane Marple but this tribute will adorn 3 of them with gushing praise. 

Margaret Rutherford delighted audiences with her stage career and worked well into her elder age. 
 "Murder Ahoy" (1964) - Perhaps having her real life husband, Stringer Davis, in the cast gave Rutherford the extra oomph she needed to play the part of Miss Marple in this buoy-ish bouncy almost sexy way. A full figured gregarious woman of strength and knowledge was not exactly the way Christie had the character written, but it works. 

Joan Hickson was the first Miss Marple I remember seeing. Perhaps the best suited to the character as it was written, Ms. Hickson had the role for 12 films.

"The Body in the Library" (1984, BBC TV) - A very cleverly written and executed story from the Christie books. BBC has an incredibly talented way of converting books to film. Cozy mysteries find a home on the BBC like no where else.  NOTE the appearance of Trudie Styler. 

Geraldine McEwan next to Joan Hickson is an ideal Miss Marple. With her smirky pleased smile and petite frame McEwan comes across on screen as a quiet, intelligent mischief maker who's ego doesn't ever get in the way of justice. Her turn on the sitcom "Mulberry" was a convoluted plot saved by her steadfast skills.Probably most notable as the voice of Miss Thripp in "Wallace and Gromit The Curse of the Were-rabbit".

"Ordeal by Innocence" (2007) - Delightful adaptation of Christie's novel for television. Also NOTE the appearances of Juliet Stevenson, Jane Seymour, and Richard Armitage (formerly of MI-5). 

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