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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women of Horror

Horror films are generally awful. Not big production, cheesy dialogue and fake...Well, everything. Yet, everyone seems to have a child like adoration for certain genres or filmmakers. A childhood thrill, a moment that was actually frightening or an actor/actress that stood out and allowed one to suspend belief for that 90 minutes. And we mine as well say it, adolescent boys (and some girls) love blood, guts, terror and chicks. Here are 3 actresses that transcend the blatant cheapness and become fascinating queens of horror.....

Fay Wray
(Colorization by SM) 
Ms. Wray  starred in several horror / scary / monster flicks, a terrific screamer as well as a good actor. 

"The Vampire Bat" (1933) - Not too scary, a little bit stilted but over all a pretty good film. How can you go wrong with Fay Wray and Melvyn Douglas? 

Ingrid Pitt 

The stuff of young boy's fantasies, vampires and lusty bosoms. Ingrid Pitt was beautiful and flirty, an evil vixen style with a great sense of timing. She led a fascinating life as actress, writer and pilot. 
"The Wicker Man" (1973) -  A decent film, Ms. Pitt doesn't have a huge role, but its intriguing. It pulls you in waiting for the horror. More spooky than gory. A rumored sequel is in the works. Its too bad Ms. Pitt isn't here to make a cameo.

Barbara Steele 
Some people are just born with the right look for the right time. Barbara Steele is one. She has the dark intensity, is beautiful but not pretty and yet occasionally gives off a delicate 'rescue me' softness. 
 "The Ghost" (1963) - Almost more humorous than scary, Barbara is able to carry herself so rigidly, floating across the screen- she holds up her own against the scariest moments. "B" movie at its most fun!

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