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Monday, March 7, 2011

Biographies of Extraordinary Women

It takes an extra-ordinary woman to surpass our knowledge of their 'acting' to bring the audience into the life of a person who's biography is familiar and who's transition onto film is both dramatic and realistic. 

Here are 3 actresses and their roles based on real women. A twist of Women's history month and book month into great movies. 

"Madame Curie" (1943) Greer Garson stars as the scientist in this kitschy but interesting portrayal. There is a lightness to her performance even with this serious intellectual subject. 

"Sister Kenny" (1946) - Admittedly its awkward at first glance to avoid expecting an over the top super fun performance from the star of "Gypsy" and "His Girl Friday" but Rosalind Russell is serious when needed, as well as loving and determined. Its not possible to completely loose who she is in this film, but it works.

"Carrington" (1995) - Emma Thompson has the rare quality of looks that allows her to seem at home in any period of history. Here her early 19th century costume, soft spoken manner and equally out of his time co-star Jonathan Pryce transport the audience to WWI England. This is a period fascinating because of the elegant worldliness of real people such as Virginia Wolfe and her talented Bloomsbury friendships. Carrington, as an artist and a woman, lived an eclectic life with in a circle of historically significant and artistically talented people. 

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