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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who is that, She is in EVERYTHING?!

The face and voice are familiar, there is a snippy snap to the attitude that makes you sit up and pay attention. She can do super evil bee-yotches or your very best friend or the lost-mixed up ex-girlfriend. After numerous television guest spots Tasha Smith came forth strongly in several film roles to just pop off the screen. 

"Daddy's Little Girls" (2007) - One of the better Tyler Perry films - an extremely well written piece on the struggle of a single father, played beautifully by Idris Elba. Tasha Smith stands out even playing a very stereotypical role - she transcends the dialogue and one denominational level of this character.


Nia long's first real noticeable achievement was on the soap opera "Guiding Light" as Katherine Speakes - she captivated the audience and it was obvious she would move on from daytime quickly. 
"Soul Food" (1997) - One of the best ensemble casts doesn't make it easy for a young actress to show her talent- Nia Long stands up among this group to hold her own. This is one of those films that could go terribly wrong just from having this many great people in it..but it works, flowing well from family drama to comedy romp. 

The best way to develop the talent is to work and Jurnee Smollett has done that through both television and film. Starting as a very young girl, Jurnee has carried both starring and character roles. One of her best was as Tori in an almost unnoticed film. 

"Roll Bounce" (2005)- Cute coming of age story- especially poignant for those that grew up in the age of disco roller rinks. Do they still do that? A fun and predictable film with some interesting moments. 

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