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Friday, February 11, 2011

Boys, Toys, Explosions and Love

In almost every action picture there is a underlying plot regarding the search for, avoidance of, heartbreak caused by romance. With each James Bond picture we are convinced he has finally found that one true love, until the next picture when we find out she has been killed by rogue the end of Die Hard our beloved super action man has reconciled with his long patient wife or we find out they didn't make it and he is circumstantially fated to fall for ......Lets see if we can find a few action adventure pictures (one of the best genres in motion picture fair) that provide a sense of true romance, long lasting love and a depth of that asking too much?

"True Lies" (1994) - A film in which Tom Arnold doesn't suck! A pretty decent plot, lots of action, a nice well rounded romance story line, fairly full and decent character development....yep, this one is okay. 

"Rob Roy" (1994) - You just have to love hating Tim Roth in this- Liam Neesom and Jessica Lange at their very best .....great dialogue, wonderful adventure scenes, and a love story equally strong, tragic and satisfying. 

"Tristan and Isolde" (2006) - Action, Intrigue, romance, fierce loyalties, & period costuming contribute to fitting this one nicely in the category. However it is not as well acted as Rob Roy nor quite as good action sequences as True Lies, this film almost tries to be too many things at one time. Filmed in shadows and mood lighting- and yet, its romantic,intense and the adventure is exciting.

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