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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Color of Oscar

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to Black Academy Award nominations and wins (BAA winners_and_nominees)- its interesting to note the list for supporting actor and actress contain the largest number of nominations. For best actor, best actress and director the handful of nominations is frighteningly sad....Only best original song and sounding mixing have nominations and wins for films that would not be considered black pictures. 

What all this means, its interpretation, is a personal process- read into it or take from it what you will. It is perhaps best for now to simply honor those that make a path and hope for better more intuitive results in the near future. Human stories are all stories and maybe one way of reaching outside your comfort zone is through film......

"Ray" (2004) - the incomparable Ray Charles depicted by Jamie Foxx (AA Winner) - solid story, well told - no shockers here, just a good bio pic. 

"Monster's Ball" (2001) - Halle Berry (AA Winner) transcends the role by carrying the strength, fear and sadness of this character into a few transparent moments of pure raw emotion. 

"Glory" (1989) - Amazing character portrayals by Denzel Washington(AA Winner best supporting actor) and Mathew Broderick - wins best sound mixing Russell Williams

"Dances with Wolves" (1990) - Won 7 Academy Awards - Winner for best sound mixing Russell Williams is the first black person to win multiple Oscars in any category.

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