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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Romance Black History Month !

Watching Gina Torres this morning in "I think I love my Wife" with her gorgeous smile and ever so captivating laugh it seemed like a natural connection to honor some fabulous super couples. As the romance month ends it is a perfect way to celebrate film with love .....

Laurence Fishburne & Gina Torres- Tall, gorgeous, infectious smiles, there is something so charming and sophisticated about them ...

"Angel" (Season 4) - As the cruel but innocent deity Jasmine, Torres is convincing as the benevolent love runs amok .

"The Matrix" (1999) - Don't think about the sequels, just watch this with a clean slate - Fishburne is intense and carries off the dialogue with meaning and depth. Plus he looks amazing in these costumes, I'm just sayin'. 

Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance (DETROIT BABY!!)- it must be the smiles. 

"What's Love got to do with it?" (1993) - I can't think of anyone else that could have done Tina better....It was a little bit eerie. Great film, great music, terrific performances.

"The Preacher's Wife" (1996) - Adorable remake. While its difficult to create a fresh and charming approach to anything starring Cary Grant, yet, Denzel does well in the role and Courtney B. Vance is perfectly suited as the stumbling and introverted husband. 

Will & Jada  - Beautiful interesting couple. 

"Set it Off" (1996) - Take any male driven action buddy film and put in 4 women you would usually end up with revisions to accommodate a Hollywood ideal of femininity - this film doesn't do that - from the action to the dialogue it stays a buddy action piece.

"The Legend of Bagger Vance" (2000) - Interesting departure for Smith - He as a personality is in the background and truly acts for this one.

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