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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get further into the Celebration of Black History Month by watching......

a journey of biographical films....Always remembering of course that the moving picture industry is out to create the most of any dramatic human story. If you want a closer look at details, always check out several sources. Never rely on one place to get the 'truth' - that ever wavering and elusive inner film called memory is different for everyone. There are several good biographies and websites for each person portrayed here. In addition, venture a little to the side and consider the lives of those that surrounded these icons......

"Lady Sings the Blues" (1972) - more a showcase for the beautiful Diana Ross than a bio of Billie Holiday- but still a terrific film. 

"Malcolm X' (1992) - This film gives such a good atmospheric sense of the time. The pacing, editing and framework allow an expansive as well as inner intensity to its characters. Highly recommend.

"ALI"  (2001) - Not having read any biographies of Muhammad Ali - it would be difficult to gauge the accuracy, but the sweeping emotionality and entertainment value is significant in this work. What a transformation in Will Smith.

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