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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweep Me off My Feet Romance

In the realm of what is romantic the variety is as mysterious and eclectic as the human race....Thankfully, we find elements of commonality that connect us... .....Personally, I don't understand the basic format of the 'chick flick' that says an amazing, understanding, gorgeous woman puts up with insensitivity, criminal conduct, stupidity and disgusting habits only to be pushed so far off the edge she has no choice but to break up with him and THEN after much suffering he accidentally does the right thing so it must be true LOVE. Sorry to pick on her, but Jennifer Aniston does read the scripts before signing to a movie doesn't she? Is this really the image of being a woman we want portrayed ? No matter how succesful, smart and beautiful - if he has a grin like Gerard Butler (insert any studly muffin you like) we can get past the crappola? I say no, those are the transition guys- the guy that you really want to love, but is really just a passage on the way to grown up romance, reality and an inner sexy. 

So as the first official Romance guide of the Valentine season - here is one for the good guys - the type that make my heart flutter and my palms sweaty........

"Garden State" (2004) - Zach Braff is the ultimate nerdy guy- awkward and sweet - in this quirky romance picture he meets his equal, a girl uncomfortable in the world determined to enjoy whatever oddities life contains. 

"Me and You and Everyone We Know" ( 2005) - I am (not so) secretly in love with Miranda July - from her writing to her short films to this wonderful film. There is a moment in this movie that stays with me, clutches at my heart and made me want to do anything to find it. John Hawkes is just incredibly sexy in this film. I should also say upfront, there are several uncomfortable moments in this film- its awkward, startlingly bold and really honest. 

"Desk Set" (1957) - Granted what we know about them in real life may off set a certain sensibility, but on screen the dynamics between Kathryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracy is undeniable. Hepburn's characters never give in to that notion that women are 'other' creatures- they are always played as upright, sensible and human. Just as Tracy's characters are always men, sometimes awkward, unknowing and stubborn- but down right good guys. While the premise does have them start off on opposite sides, its situational not a life style. 

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