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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thomas Lister, Jr.

If there ever was an imposing movie President, its Tom Lister in "The Fifth Element". The deep voice and solid stature gave the character a needed commanding presence that otherwise would have been lost among the quirky, inter-galactic characterizations of  Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman in their outlandish comic portrayals. Early roles include the fun "Friday" trilogy  series starring Ice-Cube who was, frankly, dwarfed out by Lister's performance. A fourth installment is due out this year.

In the frenzy of the popular franchise and the loss of a young actor, "The Dark Knight" appears to contain one hero, but it should loudly noted that Lister's character is the true hero of the picture. He performs an act that no one else would take up and does the right thing, even at potential loss of his own life and with no notable recognition.  Now you must go watch it again and pay special attention to Lister's few scenes in which he again steals the movie out from under the star.

So here is a tribute to a terrific character actor, who's even momentary time on screen carries off an incredible amount of 'it': 

"Don Juan DeMarco" (1994) - Only seconds on screen but memorable. And a cute movie with Brando and Dunaway. 

"Things to do in Denver when your Dead" (1995)- Terrific cast! An interesting, yet choppy film - fun to see how many faces you can recognize. 

"Hairshow" (2004) - A bit lacking in plot - Mo'Nique is so much herself heading a fantastic cast, Gina Torres and Taraji P. Henson are terrific. 

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