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Friday, February 4, 2011

Smoldering, irresistible.....Its temptation to wreck you.....

Can we safely call these Romance films? I suppose,we've all had that person we can't resist ....hopefully yours didn't turn out as crazy as these relationships...but there are times when you simply have to let yourself stupid. 

"Body Heat" (1981) - If you haven't, you should. Like finishing off that whole pint of Ben and Jerry's by yourself....its naughty, but so so good. And a special nod to my favorite Soap Opera star Ms. Kim Zimmer for her grand appearance. 

"Brokeback Mountain" (2005) - There is certainly a case to be made that these relationships are destructive because of the situations- having to deny who they really are caused untold trauma. However, I don't find this a great love story. Drunken rough angry sex twice a year doesn't exactly exude love to me. That said, It is a great film, gorgeous vista's, terrific dark drama, amazing acting allows deeper character study - I just wish we had been able to see something in the love, rather than an addiction. A stunning film. 

"Dangerious Liason's" (1988) - Not overly thrilled with period pieces in general - yet, John Malkovich carries the costuming as if he were naked, Michelle Pfiefer has never looked more confused or delicate and Glenn Close...she is delightfully wicked (how does she do that?). Oh the sweet torture of it all. 


Mykal said...

Ms. Maven: Agree on all counts. A shame that Kathleen Turner didn't do more work of this caliber. "John Malkovish carries the costuming as if he were naked." Great line.

film_maven said...

Thank you Mykal!