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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Designs for Oscar

As we approach Oscar day, only one more week to go.....I'm looking back at a few previous nominations in my favorite category of costume design...and can't help but catch on to one of my favorite designers, Ruth E. Carter - The affect of costume should be to wrap the character as more of themselves and not appear to be wearing anything (you know what I mean, stop that)- Ruth E. Carter designs for a theme and encases characters as a cohesive unit- What stands out in these films is character depth, human emotion and a sense of where and when - Something I attribute to the careful and thoughtful approach of the costuming. 

 "Malcom X" (1992) - One of Spike Lee's best pictures - a growth piece for him as a director and a great look at American life of the period. 

"Amistad" (1997) - An emotional and moving picture with focused and intense performances. Informative and interesting without being overly preachy.

"Baby Boy" (2001) - John Singleton captures that fine line of mama's boy and loving family."

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