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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh Richard You're So Fine....

Richard Gere is one of those actors its difficult to explain. He is descriptively not great looking, yet put all together he is the stuff romance is made for.....Smoldering, laughing eyes, quick smile with a hint of oh no..yes, yes. He is also not the greatest actor, he doesn't do much with his eyes or expression - His doesn't act with his emotions  which seem to always be on the verge, or stunted, or mocking - But his body moves, displays and creates scenes for the frame.

"Looking for Mr. Goodbar" (1977) - Like a turn of the century novel of women finding independence, especially that of a sexual nature - this film turns freedom and risque behavior into a life lesson - remember ladies what happens to girls who play....overall a fairly decent film, Diane Keaton is excellent. 

"American Gigolo" (1980) - Funny story- I saw this for the first time on a first date. I don't recommend that......But then I took all my girl friends to see it. Then I spent a month searching for the Smokey Robinson song that plays during the best scene of the film- a few moments that showcase Gere's way of being on screen. The shoulders shimmy, the smile entrances......

"Officer and A Gentleman" (1982) - Cute, chick flick, someone's idea of a romantic ending ...but a terrific performance by Gere and Winger. Definitely showcases that WOW factor Gere carries with such ease. 

You may wonder at the exclusion of "Breathless", "Sommersby" and "Shall We Dance" - while decent examples of Gere's work - I save them for a rant on why Americans should promote foreign films not remake them.

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