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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well, it took you long enough! Unrequited LOVE

What sweet torture to love a person, see clearly who they are, accept them totally...Only they can't see past the end of their own nose....(Yeah, it really makes you wonder WHAT the person sees in them???) - Here are a couple terrific stories are told from this view point, I found them irresistible. 

"Mr. Skeffington" (1944)- I know you might think its unfair to bring up a Bette Davis / Claude Rains film, No one does Romance and tortuous love affairs as well as she does.....But this one is based on a book that transfers so well to film - the story is understated and comes off quite charming in Bette's hands.  

"Lars and The Real Girl" (2007) - This premise could have easily taken an icky turn - but its filmed so gently, the characters are so real, it becomes at once sad and hopeful. The simple humor allows the situation to become heartfelt rather than eeewww...... 

"Wuthering Heights" (1939) - I'm not sure anyone carries the rapturous longing for love as well as Laurence Oliver in this film. Again, the story holds up so well from book to film- In most cases I always recommend reading the book first- but with this it can go either way. You still hold the same tormented feeling through out. If possible, watch this version before any remakes- it holds up incredibly well. 

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