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Friday, February 18, 2011

Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson is American History. As a football player, an artist (actor, singer), law school graduate and political activist Robeson achieved greatness in his lifetime. He is an example of the American dream and yet had to fight against the evils of prejudice every step of the way. Even when his outspoken activities for civil rights brought him trouble Robeson continued to push for equality. His father, born a slave, served in the Union Army (wikipedia).While known more for his appearances in just a few films, Robeson had an incredible career, as an actor, lawyer and activist- Please take some time to visit other sites, including The Paul Robeson Foundation found here:

"Show Boat" (1936) - A terrific showcase for his singing talents and a fair movie.  

"Native Land" (1942)- Terrific. 

"The Emperor Jones" (1933) - Available in full movie on IMBD. An impressive film based on Eugene O'Neill's play- slick accessible scenes, stunning performances.

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