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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Day!! Guilty Pleasures!!

Well - the Midwest is covered in snow and ice - We are frozen into our little hovels and so so grateful to have power! To celebrate, its time to pop in those movies you might not admit to any one you've watched more than once......

"Foxy Brown" (1974) - Oh my - Just too crude and rude - Very over the top exploitation and that doesn't just cover what Pam Grier is wearing (or not) - In defense tho- the woman is a terrific action star and actress.  

"Jackie Brown" (1997) - Ditto - a super Q T Film. Ms. Grier is fabulous. Robert Forster is equally terrific. 

"Shaft" (1971) - While the remake was decent - there is no shaft like the real thing baby...

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