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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy to report, Boyfriend is making amazingly terrific coffee these days. A quality well roasted bean makes all the difference. I admit, it is my major spoil point. The right balance, the perfect bean, freshly made and I am a happy happy camper. On that theme, shall we do joyful mindless films to watch.......

"Strictly Ballroom" ( 1992) - Oh YES! A film I can watch over and over - while its underlying theme is serious (racism, sexism, ageism) the presentation is so campy and fun- its not really necessary to think about any of that- the Australians do an amazing job of thigh slapping silly just plain raucous good times.

"Bringing Up Baby" (1938)- What is more delightful than Cary Grant? Cary Grant with Katharine Hepburn and a glimpse of Asta! Silly, pleasurable viewing  - a must see movie. But for true movie fans, watch out for a real treasure- What does King Kong have to do with this film? 

"Best in Show" (2000) - I don't just mention this because I have a mad mad girl crush on Parker Posey - Any of the Christopher Guest films would fit perfectly in this category but Best in Show has the best of the best Deleted scenes so be sure to check the extra features. 

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