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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coffee Break

Yesterday was a an odd one, my coffee turned out awful, I tripped over the cat (she's not black, but very dark brown???), had a case of coffee/film writer's block, the library didn't have the book I wanted (the new Edith Head, omg, I can't wait) and I forgot to get gas in the car (now we have snow, so it will be fun going out today, NOT).......

Being its approaching the weekend- I'm thinking I need a coffee shop infusion. That relaxing, hang out, read a little, drink someone else's brew, and hopefully find an interesting set of musicians that will play songs I've never heard of , some I know and are always happy when other folks join in......but the dilemma becomes...which side of town to head towards?

AJ's Cafe 
240 W. Nine Mile 
Ferndale, Mi. 

Just this side of Woodward (meaning West), AJ's is one of those eclectic comfortable places that is quirky enough to keep you entertained and delighted for hours. 

Famous for the "Assembly Line" concert (, AJ's offers a terrific variation of coffee and coffee drink, with surprisingly good Hummus along with various sandwiches. I can't review much of the menu, as I don't often go there to eat. But the atmosphere and the entertainment keep me coming back. 


Plymouth Coffee Bean
884 Penniman 
Plymouth, Michigan

Way over the way, by which I mean south and west of me, is the Coffee house in a house. For real. Charming, fun, extra friendly, terrific coffee (like AJ's, the coffee is locally roasted), The Bean is a hang out for little ones and oldies. Teenagers may take over on Monday night Open Mic but we middle aged hipsters keep our own. In warm weather, the downtown festivals and double patios keep everyone milling around The Bean like bees to honey. 

In these colder months, the early Sunday morning Crepe's and late hours allow everyone to find their own perfect moments and comfy chair. Don't forget to grap a hot cup when heading to the Ice Festival Jan 21 weekend. 

For a cold Friday night, its tough choice......opposite sides of town....equally wonderful coffee shops.........oh dear, a coin it is. 

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