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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cafe Verona -Starbucks?

I'm usually of the train of thought that Friends don't let Friends drink starbucks....however, A gift of Cafe Verona for Christmas has me thinking, eh - isss nod so baad. Not great. But not so bad. Its got a nice dark roasted essence and a bold without bitter flavor. With my homemade (bread machine=love) slice with butter, a hot cup of dark brew....I'm so ready to talk about......

Silent movies again. 

Watching the Silent tribute from Thames again after so many years has me thinking of all the avenues of discussion regarding Silent Films. From a feminist perspective I wonder about the female stunt performers mentioned by Harvey Parry- He often filled in when they weren't available. WHO are they? Did someone double for Lillian Gish in that terrifying ice flow scene? I know Gish did a lot of her own stunts, but that piece is beyond frightening.

Recommendations for watching Silent films lends itself to a problem of theme....the onset of the drama epic says "Birth of a Nation" which leads in one direction....Then again, if its your first foray into Silents its important to do comedy and Harold Lloyd is a whole nother set of directions.....

I'm going to do a list for the novice, if you are a film freak and still new to Silent movies- this is a place to start. We also have to consider availability, so we'll see if this works: 

"Metropolis" (1927) - A major German epic - Highly recommended for its style, theme, acting and editing. An extra plus, if you loved "Inglorious Bastards" you will find this interesting. 

"Little Lord Flaunteroy" (1921) - Incredible film work- a cute story, charming all round. Mary Pickford at her best. 

Harold Lloyd - any collection you can find - with Lloyd you just start laughing, enjoying the ride- The film work is daring and enjoyable. First time, just watch and let it flow.... Then watch again, paying attention to the nuances of acting, feats of physicality and things like, pacing, editing, plot.....possible film makers should pay very close attention to Lloyd. 

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