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Monday, January 10, 2011

Indulgence and Delight

Spent a lazy Sunday indulging in two of my favorite guilty pleasures- A huge Pot Roast cooking for hours and watching an entire season of sick sick television. This brings up several possible topics to chat about over coffee (can you believe it? I'm drinking Eight O'clock...its awful, but hot and coffee-like) we could go with movies that focus on cooking- I know that one is obvious, OR movies with people you randomly spot on TV OR terrific movies about music OR movies filmed in Ireland ......or.....What does any of this have to do with pot roast and sick TV?

Bonus watching cable this weekend- A "Dexter" marathon most of Sunday courtesy of Showtime on Demand- yay!! Appearing as the loving new  nanny is Maria Doyle Kennedy - Who you might remember appeared in 

"The Commitments" (1991) - a delight worth watching - light, cute, white folks doing soul and stereotyping the Irish ......whats not to love? Maria sings a nice version of "Destination Anywhere" I would consider this a watchable, one of those that gives the same pleasure seen again years later....

as for the cooking connection to limit it to just a couple of films? 

"Babettes feast" (1987) - I'm not sure how easy this will be to rent - perhaps Netflix or buy it on ebay? A gorgeous film.

"Big Night" (1996) - Don't watch this hungry - A simple, somewhat sad indulgence in food and beauty. Plus, the clothes. 

Three films - Mildly connected in my brain. 

p.s. The Pot Roast came out fantastic! 

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