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Monday, January 3, 2011

Music, Music, Music

Keeping with our discussion of music plus film (see previous entry) - Lets chat for a bit about music from film that makes you go WOW-   Many times, actually most of the time, music enhances the scene or sets a pace for the action to move along with, for example in "Capote" the soothing and dramatic elements are caressed by the music, its hardly noted............but sometimes, the music so captures a moment it becomes like a character that you move with, fall in love with, can't imagine the film with out ..........such as

"Bella Marta" (2001) - A lovely film, casual and smart- the best scenes are of cooking - but certain songs change the scene so beautifully - as when Paolo Conti sings "Via Con Me" - I almost couldn't wait for the film to end (not really, its a fantastic movie) so I could find the song, listening to it and many others by Mr. Conti again and again. 

"B.Monkey" (1998) - mmm...didn't I mention this film once already? ah yes, Rupert Everett.....but this time it's for the love scene between Asia and Jared - an interesting if unnecessary element to most films. However, in this we have Portishead doing "GloryBox" - by far one of the best techno songs ever made.  So perfectly chosen for the characters, helps pace the action and becomes at times an additional character making love to the actors. Perhaps I need to create a documentary of just these scenes for people to watch? 

"American Gigolo" (1980) - While it is true that this song would not be nearly as catchy and notable with out the shoulder shimmy of Richard Gere- some credit must be given to the writing and performing talents of Smoky Robinson. "Just A Mirage" is a near perfect song. Smooth, funny, charming, heartbreaking American pop at its very best. Seeing Richard's character search through his luxurious clothes while singing the opening line, "Beautiful......" ......I'm not sure I have any more words to do this justice. 

"Down By Law" (1986) - and lastly, an additional song for Scott, who was distracted by the discovery of Tom Waits opening song "Jockey Full of Bourbon". Sometimes the music is so heavenly, you have to watch the film over and over again to capture all the elements together.

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Witega Schadde said...

I think that a film soundtrack can make or break a film. The producers of the first Conan film had wanted to go with modern music as the score. I have always felt that the film would not have been nearly as popular without the talents of the Andalucia symphony orchestra and chorus. The french horn section almost becomes a character of the film and what a beautiful part it had played. I am of the opinion that if the film had no dialogue whatsoever the music would have told the story quite well.