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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Single Screen Love

Lucky, lucky girl am I.Growing up around two neighborhood theaters. Today, only one still stands. The Redford Theater, run by the Motor City Organ Society, still plays films almost every weekend. There are certain films meant to be seen on a big screen. Two years ago they offered "Psycho" - although I've seen it countless times, the chance to watch it bigger than life was not to be missed. As a teenager, I knew my boyfriend was a good one when he sat through "Gone with the Wind" and the organ intermission. 

This winter season is an exceptional one. will give you all the details, but I am sharing just a couple must see films the Old Redford is showing: 

"To Kill a Mocking Bird" (1962) - An intriguing and intelligent film, like the book, does not talk down to its audience. (BONUS: Ms. Badham, the actress who plays Scout, will make an appearance at each showing)

"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" (1962) - Almost a different film on screen than on Television. Doesn't matter if its Joan or Bette you love - don't miss this. 

"Three Stooges Festival" - Take the day, get lunch or dinner, stop for yummies at the Sweet Potato Sensations shop directly across from the theater and laugh your silly head off. 

There are so very few of the grand theaters left. Born in tough times, the single screen theater is a rare bird these days. The Redford is being restored to its original glory, with seats that are actually comfortable. Literally there is not a bad seat in the house. From the balcony to the first row- its a treat.   

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