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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Detroit.....Rock City?

In an attempt to name 3 perfect Rock N Roll movies - we came to a stand still.......the debate was include "Detroit Rock City" or not........? The only absolute agreement was "A Hard Day's Night" - As these things will happen, trying to move on to another category as a distraction (in which I would pick my own favorites and write about them-with out a care as to the opinion of others-ha), TVO played the Beatles first movie. The Universe decided- in a discussion of the best rock film ever made, "A Hard Day's Night" becomes the only movie we can list. 

Refreshing to view again after several years, I am reminded why it stands as the only film in this category. A fun romp, yes. A possible calculated 87 minute commercial for the public image and packaging of the group,  perhaps. Ultimately it doesn't matter why or how - just be so grateful that it IS. 

Probably my favorite Beatles album - but for certain the one that shot the fab four into irreversible world wide stardom. Forget any other Rock N Roll films - get "A Hard Day's Night" (1964), sing along, dance if you must, watch those glowing faces scream and twist with delight/lust/fever and dare to try picking your favorite it John, George, Paul or Ringo?(the answer is.....yes)

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