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Monday, January 3, 2011

Great Loss in Movie Land

What to say? This evening I sip hot chamomile tea - hoping to come to some charming conclusion to share with you. Movie fans lost three incredible lights today. 

Just last night I watched "Forbidden Planet" discussing the impressive achievement of making such a film in 1956. Today Anne Francis is lost to the earthly world at age 80. Sad but glad, Ms. Francis lived a long and productive life and we are privileged to have shared some of it with her. Boyfriend says meeting her was a highlight, she was a very sweet lady.  Celebrate her many achievements and send good thoughts to her surviving family. 

Pete Postlethwait - a beguiling presence on screen - gone so young at age 64. His work captures what acting should be about, real to life characters that in seconds convey depth, mystery and humor. 

An additional note to the loss of Verne Langdon - a great contributor to the world of film especially that of monster fandom. His work at Don Post Mask's inspired a generation of monster kids.

Good thoughts and prayers for the families and friends, we are so sorry for their loss. 

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