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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Union Made

A 7 year contract, renewable year by year at the discretion of the boss, endless hours of work, small salary increments regardless of how much income your talent brings to the company, and a strong behavior clause - influencing not only your moral code but who, when and why to marry - an all inclusive binding contract, too good to pass up- yet, difficult to live with....These were the terms of working in a motion picture. 

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG)changed the Hollywood studio system with its onset in 1934 and continues to have influence over the treatment of workers in the film industry today. While much of this 'work' is not visible to the wider audience, the making of motion pictures is first and foremost a business.

On January 30, 2011 you can watch the SAG awards LIVE on both TBS and TNT at 8pm. Both television and motion picture categories are awarded. 

This year's Stunt Ensemble nominee's are: 

Motion Picture:
Green Zone
Robin Hood 

Television Series: 
Burn Notice 
True Blood 

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