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Friday, December 31, 2010

Black Swan

The coffee is good this morning. With a new measuring implement and a fresh bag of Paul Newman's Organic Green Mountain my lover has changed his ways. A delicious light roast creates happy warm fuzzies for me to wake fully, allowing the creation of some brain function to consider last night's viewing of "Black Swan"

A special note of thanks to SDR for seeing it with me, so nice to have someone to look at and query, 

"Omg, IS THAT Barbara Hershey?"
And yes, yes, it was Barbara Hershey- and she was super creepy. Beautiful, intense, and shocking the "Black Swan" caused several surprise squawks & a few yelps from the audience- in addition, there were long long episodes of uncomfortable silence and disbelieve.

All performances played delightfully across the screen. Irresistible and passionate, each character appears in its own universe, where they meet is still a mystery. 

Vincent Cassel (As you may know, the reason I went to see this film) teetering between predator and distant father, was reserved and yet, captivating. 

Mila Kunas, I think, was playing herself- cute, charming, delighting in her participation. 

I am left with more questions than answers or opinions....As my friend Stevie would say, I give this film 4 1/2 out of 5 Purple Hoodies.


marcel said...

that is right film maven

film_maven said...

I have a few questions to submit, I wondered if you did too!!