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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ricky Gervais, and Ghosts of Hosts

For the most part, I watch the red carpet, then the opening bit and then I'm easily distracted flipping channels during commercials, phone calls, whatever book I am reading, and so on.....

At some point I remember there is an awards ceremony and will flip back to find someone in the middle of a speech- not knowing what they are accepting it for and I'm easily distracted once again. 

I remember one or two Oscar's in which I was riveted from beginning to end....I want to say Steve Martin was hosting??? Anyway- Whatever the award show - its those first few minutes that tell you if its going to be fun, not just the host, but I think the director and cameraman. Sometimes I can't stand to watch things based on the way the camera lurches in and out of shots, or heaven forbid angle in on the celebs. I really dislike those jerky angle or sweeping quick shots. Never did like roller coasters. 

This week critics are panning Ricky Gervais and the most quoted celebrity of the Golden Globes is Robert Downy Jr, stating the evening was, "Mean spirited". 

Have we met Ricky Gervais before? Anyone watched his movies? Mean spirited, yep, that kinda covers it. 

"The Office" UK Television- Available on DVD -  I've not watched much of this show - but Gervais's character is awkward, uncomfortable to watch and extremely funny. My secret source tells me this entire package is well worth watching. 

"Ghost Town" (2008) - The lovely Tea Leoni and a sharp Greg Kinnear make good contrast for the meticulous, introvert dentist played by Gervais. Funny, touching, somewhat painful - the characters unfold during the film- reaching the typical ending, but delightful to watch. 

"The Invention of Lying" (2009) - Perfectly cast. If Gervais wrote the parts for these actors - he was so on target its scary. His truth, sharp witted and dangerous - comes out in little smidges, then snowballs into huge cascades. Its obvious from this film where Gervais stands in his humor and general outlook. Frighteningly truthful- but delicious. 

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