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Friday, January 14, 2011

Its Your Birthday: A Blog dedicated to my friend Sharon, who always reminds me of birthdays and tidbits I find fascinating!

 The Fabulous (Capital F) Ms. Faye Dunaway has given some incredible performances - this is a tough cookie to narrow down to 3 top picks......oh, yes, and A Very Happy Birthday to the woman who makes me want to watch even more Joan Crawford pics....So I leave out the obvious, "Bonnie and Clyde (1967)", "Little Big Man (1970)" and "Mommie Dearest (1981)" and "Network (1976)" ......but instead suggest, 

"Don Juan DeMarco" (1995)- Which is not a great film, but holds incredible and under rated performances by three of the most noted actors in the U.S. Plus, at my age I appreciate a flick that shows imperfect elder folks being romantic. 

"Barfly" (1987)- I can't say much here, interesting, disturbing....Mickey Rourke, Francis Ford Coppola, Bukowski.....other than that, let it speak for itself. 

"Chinatown" (1974) - A busy year for Dunaway, this one also falls into that too obvious category. For film fanatics this one is a must see, must own, must study.....Not one of my favorite Jack Nicholson nor Dunaway films but I get why it would be. 

Happy Birthday LL Cool J - aka - James Todd Smith - mmmmm can I credit you with 3 good movies ? or are we just going to have to ride along on words that describe how good looking you are as you get older?

"Toys" (1992) - Such a cute film with a great cast, not a deep nor thrilling plot but oh so adorable. Gotta love Joan Cusak, Robin Wright, and watch for Debi Mazar -and a really decent Robin Williams performance. Plus I do so like Michael Gambon. 

"SWAT" (2003) - Oh there is nothing as delightfully wicked as a sweaty guy film- the intensity, the outfits, the sensitivity! Men are so emo.

"Last Holiday" (2006) - I pick this  because the occasional Queen Latifah romcom is a blessing after the endless Jennifer Aniston / Sandra Bullock brain numbing flicks we are constantly subjected to -  a familiar storyline, decent performances, with several nice shots of our birthday boy because its true that Ladies Love Cool James.

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