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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Coffee Blog written August 15, 2010

The steamy dense air of an August Saturday night is not the most conducive for driving what felt like endless miles for a cup of coffee. IF they had a pool, well, that might have been different. Yet, I knew it would be worth the drive and the heat for the company, an iced drink and the possiblity that I might fall in love with another coffee house.

and it was.

The Karma Coffee Shop  at 3015 S. Wayne Rd- Wayne, Michigan-  just north of Michigan ave. (Look for the little ice cream place on the corner and park in back) is a dream. 

Exactly the right size, cozy but roomy, the seating overs a varity of couches for larger groups, tables for playing games and has a generous space for a performer. Jennifer pleasantly serves up an abudant variety of coffee, plain or syrupy flavors, iced or hot, small or large- just try NOT TO BE SHOCKED by the reasonable prices!

The entertainment last night was my friend Dan Kennedy, (dankennedy on myspace) who plays the perfect from the heart music with a touch of political / socieital angst for an intimate crowd of friends and those about to be friends.One of my favorite coffee house 'things' is meeting the people. Like the lovely young lady who is too young to be married, but becomes philosophical about her choice and generously shares her thoughts on music that feeds her soul. Or the curly haired mid-twenty something young woman who works in a bookstore and can carry off that cute tiny sweater look that I have always coveted!

From the aged like myself, to the very young, the Karma Coffee Shop is a place to get to know. So go ahead, visit..........

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