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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top Chef Revolution Foodies

Trapped in a snow storm and forced by a teenager into watching endless eppy's of TOP CHEF I was captivated by a trend that left me feeling hopeful!

A challenge charged the chefs to utilize a child assistant in creating a meal for 4 using only Ten Dollars.

As a single mom this was especially notable to me in several ways. To stay organized and on task with a child in the kitchen is fun yet has its challenges- extra credit given to the chef's on the show that created a good atmosphere for the kids to learn & participate. 

However, what really struck me was the opportunity to have these professional chefs trained to THINK about food and its relation to the next generation. We accept things like school lunches and fast food as efficient, nutritious and CHEAP- but are they? I say NO.They cost so much more than the few dollars to fill a stomach in that moment. But I won't rant about the economic and political ramifications, for that - watch "FOOD, Inc." or the ever amazing documentary "Grown in Detroit"- (no, seriously, watch them!)

Creating dishes that are healthy and accessible to children for little money - that is a challenge I can totally get behind! Using emerging chef's and preteens to create those dishes was a genius move. Now we have a situation that can potentially change the way the audience looks at meals.

A little side thank you to Jamie Oliver - who, if you missed the first Revolution in Virginia, is doing a new more intense challenge in the Los Angles area - hopefully airing this winter!
-- But I must acknowledge Chef Art Smith (yes, Oprah's personal chef) for creating a charity that works with children "Common Threads" can be found on his web page

Think local, eat fresh, be seasonal!!

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