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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too Strong but not bitter....

Whew, made the mix a little strong this morning......the last of the French Roast beans with a new batch of Breakfast blend in the French Press....Strong, smooth, so good. I have to head out into the cold soon- adding a real breakfast this morning, tiny bit of bacon for flavor, leftover redskin potatoes and scrambled eggs. Just right to fortify the body for the frozen world. 

I saw a little blurb about Nicole Kidman last night, while I like her fine- I don't see movies because she is in them. Its actually her co-stars that have prompted me to search out the films, then discovering she is really good. 

"Fur" (2006- Italy)  -obscure, but available on DVD- A fantasy biopic based on Diane Arbus. Diane was a photographer and a bit of a social rebel. Co-starring the fabulous Robert Downey Jr. - a delightful performance by both. You don't have to know about Diane's work to appreciate the film - but perhaps afterwards, you will visit some of her work. (p.s. her real life husband played Dr. Sidney Freedman on MASH all those many years ago.) I just have to add that the costuming for this pic is exceptional- Nicole's outfits reach out and give you all the things the character wants to say. 

"Birthday Girl" (2001-USA)- Available on DVD - it was Vincent Cassel (Elizabeth, Crimson River, Brotherhood of The Wolf) that drew me to this film - again, only to discover how wonderful Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin are as actors. This script is dark, predictable, but fun and scary to watch. Ben plays the innocence so well and Nicole switches personalities like changing shoes, slip on - slip off. Wonderful to watch. 

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