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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Away We Go (Now available on DVD)

The films I love are beautiful, lovely creatures that make me 

feel things- esp those lost little details of things I thought I had 

forgotten or worse yet, that no one else understands; 

"Away We Go" (2009 -director Sam Mendes; 

Staring Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski) ... small and still. Its a road trip picture whose movement is

a crescendo to allow the characters to find something and

not a character of its own.

The dialogue reminds me of things

unsaid or perhaps of conversations I experienced when not

paying close enough attention. Guest appearances will make

 you laugh and maybe cry, seem to have no point and then

offer tiny gems. As with many wonderful films its important to

 acknowledge the things seen and yet not noticed -

costumers, set designers and sound people who bring a

 tone, shadow and comfort to each character that builds

 upon the dialogue - you know its done well when its


Special notice should be paid to Melanie Lynskey, who plays

the depth of loss and heartache through silent moves in a

a dance that wrecks you.

A great film that won't become your favorite, but you'll always


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