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Sunday, December 26, 2010


My lover makes the absolute worst coffee, ever. Not nearly as good as the watery dark substance brewed by my favorite greasy diner, or even as good as the thick bitter offering of many chain places that need various syrupy concoctions that make people feel sophisticated but is really covering up the low quality beans. 

His coffee is just plain awful. But oh so worth it.Which segue-way's us nicely into this mornings chat. Today- after much frenzied activity of the Christmas holiday- I give you 3 bad films you must watch: 

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1958) - While yes, the Ed Wood movie starring Johnny Depp makes everyone feel like they have watched an Ed Wood film, don't let that influence you. Watch the entire movie of Plan 9 and revel in its really bad but oh so wonderfulness. Cheap, tacky and poorly acted it is a must must see for any film maven novice or pro. There is no point in my describing the plot or the reasoning, no real anything to critique. It is my favorite bad film, almost as good as "Attack of the Mushroom People" but not as well directed. Just watch it and enjoy. 

"Pink Flamingos" (1972) - With John Waters you can start with any of his films and just keep watching. He is one of those rare directors/writers/personalities where it makes no difference when you get to know him, you just must. This is one of his better films and probably the most shocking. Its bad, its great, its terrible. This is a film that everyone, and I mean your kid, your grandma and your righteous next door neighbor needs to watch. Then you can bounce around, watching whatever John Waters film strikes your fancy. 

"Buffalo 66" (1998) - I was torn here, for the third offering, because I do so love what Craig Brewer has done lately for bad films, but- I adore Vincent Gallo in a not so professional way and feel his films should be promoted at any given chance. As my 3rd bad film that must, must be viewed, I give you Christina Ricci, Angelica Houston, Ben Gazarra, Mickey Rourke, and Rosanna Arquette in a film that clips, jars and annoys but you will love. Forget and don't bother with "The Brown Bunny" unless you lust for VG the way I do then it becomes a really horrible, train wreck you can't not see and I highly recommend it. If you don't care for Vincent, but crave film of every caliber then "Buffalo 66" is time well spent.

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