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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tall, Dark, and Freaking Gorgeous

Having a mild, light roast cup of Breakfast Blend, a slice of homemade bread and reading one of my favorite blogs (

 It seems that in a recent interview, Rupert Everett had much to say about American (Hollywood) policies regarding film making - I agree with him. It confuses me that Katherine Heigel and Jennifer Aniston (both fine actresses) are constantly featured in silly romps- are they really that popular? Or does Hollywood have its needle stuck in a grove and just keeps spitting out the same ol same ol out of a bad habit? 

So for the lovely Rupert Everett I give you fabulous films you might not know about: 

"Unconditional Love" (2002) - One of my top 20 films to watch again again- Kathy Bates and Rupert Everett make a great team and the wonderful Meredith Eaton (Boston Legal, CSI) steals the movie! A fun thoughtless romp that plays off several  off beat films- a joy to watch. 

"B. Monkey (1998)" -  I think this was the first time I noticed Jonathan Rhys Meyers - gorgeous. Do not watch this with the kids around, it has many adult themes- and the love scene between Jared Harris and Asia Argento is for grown ups only! A gritty, tough film - a little choppy but so good. Everett has a strong presence through out the film. 

The third pick is a little difficult - there are small roles that make a mediocre film worth watching - like "My Best Friend's Wedding", when Rupert sings to Julia, it makes the entire film bearable, so I'll do a couple quick ones ...........

"Stage Beauty" (2004) - Not a great film, but so cute - a take off of "Shakespeare in Love" - Rupert isn't featured - but his appearances are terrific. 

Pret a Porter (Ready to Wear) (1994) - You know any Robert Altman film is already worth watching and Rupert does get lost a bit in the fantastic cast - but he is perfect for this role. 

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