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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hazelnut French Roast Mix

A good strong cup of coffee from fresh ground beans. Nothing can match it. Today's mix, a Hazelnut & French Roast combo born of leftover beans is WOW strong and smooth. I am wishing a little bit that I had some whipping cream to top it off....oh is still delightful. 

I thought today I would start out with a little rant about my favorite filmmakers. Being the first blog about film - I figured that to be a good place to start. 

The Polish Brothers - Mark and Michael - write, produce, direct and star in their first film "Twin Falls Idaho (1999)". Dark, mysterious, and a little off center the film introduces Siamese twins as they struggle to survive as adults. There is something sweet and adorable while at the same time very seedy and odd about the twins and the film itself. Its not really character driven,not a road story, and certainly not a love story- but, they are interesting characters, travel a great distance and love does happen.   

When discovering the Polish Brothers, I think its best to start with this film. Their others are good, and probably equally as interesting- but there is something, something about this film that introduces them as filmmakers, actors and shows the birth of a thought process that film mavens such as myself glean from first films. 

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