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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Films for Movie night at a Coffee shop

There are two or three interesting coffee shops that have (or did have) movie night, sometimes it works well - other times its just too tempting to talk while drinking coffee and that does not do for movie night- but here are 3 films a coffee shop should play, just because I thought it was funny: 

"Coffee and Cigarettes" (1986, 1989,1993, or 2003) By Jim Jarmusch - mmm, this isn't the way I had planned to introduce Jarmusch...but, oh well..... any of the Coffee and Cigarette movies will do- but you might want to start with the first one. Try naming all the people in it, but first go round, really listen to the dialogue. One thing Jarmusch knows, its how people talk. 

"Waitress" (2007) - Who knew that Keri Russell could really act? I wasn't home much during the "Felicity" rage, so I had no idea.....but this small film is filled with good people, balances nicely between cute indie film and deep character study- never too heavy, nor too light. The ideas are seriously  played out but never preachy. 

"The Station Agent" (2003)- Okay, this is stretching the reference a little, but it does involve selling food, serving coffee, and its an amazing film. Plus, its one of those movies I like so much, I'll use any excuse to talk about it. Touching, romantic, sweet and funny- All 3 main characters are developed through the eyes of the actors. A rare film that makes you forget you are watching a movie. 

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