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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Eve is a great night for...

staying home and watching movies!! Probably more people will venture out since we are expecting a rather warm night here in Michigan. I still recommend that staying in with movies is so much better than drunken parties or bars. I'm going to try to get the bf to watch something he hasn't seen- I'm thinking "Northfork" by the Polish Brothers? Maybe. For you however, I have a few recommendations- I'm just bossy that way. 

For Girl Power

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" (1992) - Joss Whedon is a master story teller- and this silly campy film shows his true feminist side. Buffy can tell she is gaining power by getting cramps, Luke Perry plays a stereo typical female character with grace and maintains his manly sexiness - but its Donald Sutherland who really pulls it together with his exasperated teaching of the young and dumb. Cute, funny, a little stilted but oh so worth watching.  

"Bagdad Cafe" (1987) - Lustful & Sweaty- perfect warm up for this cold snow winter - CCH Pounder and Marianne Sagebrecht show us how to survive even if you live on the edge of nowhere and don't really know what to do next. Jack Palance is charming and memorable. 

"Ever After" (1998) - I admit I like this movie for the same reason I liked "Quest for Camelot" - the ending. Drew Barrymore is adorable as a Cinderella-type character taking all sorts of crap - but her survival doesn't depend on a Knight to save her. Likable and so charming, Drew creates a playful, independent Cinderella-type woman

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