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Friday, December 24, 2010

Breakfast Blending

Oh sweet and flavorful Breakfast blend- How I adore you. The French Press is becoming my new favorite way to make coffee- so easy and convenient! 

A quick cup, a piece of toast and a chat with you then I must be on my way. The Christmas frenzy begins! 

It is the blending of the traditions and families that has me (Delightfully) confused and off center this year. Mixing established traditions with new family members, kids growing up and the realization that family who have moved away- well, they won't be here! My brother has three little ones and they live so far away- its just starting to sink in. 

Its all good- but odd - and takes getting used to. 

My heart does so miss that wonderous little one that wanted to know why Santa used the same wrapping paper as mommy. But I also enjoy the funny, charming, thoughtful man he has turned into. It will be strange, our first Christmas with him arriving with guests rather than waking me up at 6 am! 

Yet the addition of new people to our lives, the adjustment of keeping the old ways and adding the new ones- its amazing and wonderful! 

Happy Holidays! 

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