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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hanging Around

Clicking 122 channels with nothing to watch I caught a few moments of Criminal Minds (TV,CBS, 2005-present) a show I have watched because who couldn't love Mandy Patinkin (2005 -2007) and Joe Mantegna (2008-2011) ? Usually I drift away during a commercial and don't remember what happened nor care that I don't have the solution. The acting is terrific but the stories are repetitious and not in a good way like ABC's Castle or FOX's Bones .......who are more like Matlock in their soft core murder cozies. 

Anyway, I digress. A glimpse of Beth Grant being her best at matronly evil was enough to catch my attention for a moment. In the closing scenes of the show I seriously had a LMAO as Bud Cort was found hanging from a bathroom ceiling fixture. How odd that a few seconds of homage to a 70's cult film would bring such joy to my heart.....

With Love For Bud and Ruth 

"Harold and Maude" (1971)- A iconic 70's cult film once shown for matinee's and midnight movies, now available on DVD...a film that epitomizes the fight between modernity and postmodernism through out the 20th century. Maude is modernity, a woman of great narrative who has collected all the symbols (smell machine, sculpture, musical instruments) of an age. She has fought for human rights, created art, loved strongly and with a Victorian era calm knows when her time is up. Harold is young, vibrant and missing parts. He has no story, no future and no cause to fight for. His only action is to fight against the past and its conventions. He is not of this time but can't envision a future. He is the image of an image that is fading and can only be seen its momentary phases as he captures death. Don't watch this the first few dozen times for its battle of modern vs postmodern, but for the tree that is rescued, the pastor who is rattled,  and the car that is sent over the cliff. And mostly for Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort who create with laughter, dance and love. 

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