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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Action Pack

Is your Dad an Arm Chair Cop Hero? Here are several sets of action filled flicks, pick a trilogy or gather one from each - be sure to take him some water and a meal, he'll be glued to that chair for the duration! 

"The Transporter" (2002) - This is a good choice because it offers a little something for everyone- technically its a Foreign film and stars Jason Statham, so there's a gift for mom. Its also fully action packed and has a decent story line -so there's the angle for Dad. Plus it has terrific cinematography and complicated road scenes- so everyone who is a film geek will love it. Transporter's 2 & 3 are basically the same flick, with even more complicated road race scenes but well worth watching. 

"Die Hard" (1988) - Some of Bruce Willis' best work, plus a bit of a love story with touching scenes- once again, everyone is covered here AND you get Alan Rickman. Die Hard the first and second are good- then we get seriously repetitive for 3 and 4 - Plus you can count "16 Blocks" as a horizontal version therefore number'd better get them all, cus once he gets started Dad will want them all.

"Terminator" (1984) - The films listed here are not in order of importance. That would definitely depend on Dad's age and preferences. If he is a sci fi nerd or a film geek he will already own "The Terminator" then you are absolutely safe in getting any of the next films in the series because he will have strong opinions about each successive movie and that will be so much fun to hear aaalllll about. Even the melty one with Robert Patrick is well worth watching. 

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